My Story


I’m Tara. I’ve been on an adventure with Jesus since middle school, and 17 years later, He’s still surprising me. I’ve moved 9 times in the last 8 years to strange and unexpected places (most recently back to Indiana), and God continues to amuse me as He writes my story. When I turned 30, I threw around the idea of starting a blog to chronicle all the awkward situations I seemed to find myself in, which seemed to be very specific to a person of my exact demographic. I figured people would get a kick out of the variety of this-could-only-happen-to-me encounters.

I’ve also realized that my struggles are very different from those of my friends who are married and/or have kids and also those who are more recently out of college and into the real world. There’s some kind of expectation or self-imposed pressure or something, especially in Christian circles, that your 20s are the time of your life when become a wife and a mom, but when 29 came and went, that wasn’t how things panned out for me.

I simultaneously celebrate and struggle with my stage of life on a regular basis, but I’ve realized that I’m not alone. When the job doesn’t work out or your car breaks down for the hundredth time or you get your heart broken into a thousand pieces or you have to move back in with your parents, the doubts start to creep in and make a home where there once was confidence. And sometimes there’s not a Bible verse that will make you feel better. Sometimes there’s no amount of prayer that can put your heart at ease.

That’s the stuff I want to talk about. Because for every triumph, there are dozens of  trials we’re afraid to share with the world. And I think we owe it to ourselves to share the whole story, not just the good parts. (But also the good parts!)

I’m excited to take this journey with you, friend. Thanks for coming along.

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