Alone Together


"You guys, if I'm still single next year, it's just going to be me, Mom, and Dad on Christmas," I half-whined to my siblings on Christmas morning, 2015. My brother, sister, and their spouses spent the holiday with us, so, I knew that, based on the Rule Book of Married People, they'd be at their ... read more



This year has been super weird. It seems that not a week went by without a bizarre / extraordinary / unfortunate political, social, pop-cultural event dominating my Twitter feed. I listen to and read lots of news from lots of sources, and the amount of confusing, heartbreaking, and/or WTF? moments ... read more



This past Christmas my siblings and I gifted my parents with a family photo shoot. The only professional photos we had ever taken were at my brother's and sister's weddings and for the church directory when I still had giant poofy bangs and matched my sister in a checkered suspender dress thing in ... read more

Feeling 32


Today is my 32nd birthday. I know that 32 isn't old by any means, but I think today I'm feeling 32. I'm feeling the weight of another year gone by, incredulously scrawling an extra tally mark next to my name. I'm also feeling the occasional soreness from simple physical activity and instantly tired ... read more

Soundtrack to 2015


So what you're telling me is that 2015 is over? I. I don't. I don't understand. I'm still trying to solve the mystery of how my calendar pages flew off the wall so quickly this year, but what I DO know is that new music in 2015 totally ruled. What follows is a list of my favorite / most ... read more